Simply disruptive

Electric Propulsion

for smallsat

COMAT is qualifying an innovative propulsion module: the simplest, best-value engine.
This plug-and-thrust, disruptive technology offers low-cost propulsion for smallsats. Small and lightweight, with a lifespan of at least five years, it is entirely reliable. The PJP 30 is the first model of a range of thrusters that will span up to 500 watt.The PJP 30 is modular and COMAT can customize it according to needs.
Plasma Jet Pack will improve the life time of satellites and their operational capabilities:
  • launch into orbit
  • station keeping
  • de-orbitation

PJP 0-30

Average thrust

From 0 to 450 μN@30Hz

Specific impulse ISP

5,000 s

Impulse bit

15 μNs

Overall mass

1,000 g

Total impulse

4 kN.s

Total thrust duration

100 days@30Hz

Power interface

From 0 to 30 w
as function frequency

Mechanisms for space systems

Positioning systems (antennas, instruments), actuators, reaction wheels, any other customised mechanisms…
Comat tripod


Antenna Pointing System for Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) and data downlink transmission.

COMAT designs and provides any kind of pointing mechanisms for antennas and instruments, according to customer’s specifications.

Compact actuators

COMAT designs and manufactures rotary actuators that point and deploy space appendages (antennas, thrusters, radiators…). COMAT develops its own product line of ITAR-free actuators, namely Compact actuators.

Comat reaction wheels

Reaction wheels

COMAT is designing highly reliable reaction wheels thanks to a cross-development between nanosatellite technology and “standard” space equipment.

Our ITAR-free and space-qualified reaction wheels offer:
-Excellent reliability,
-A specific range (12U to 20U) of interest to many space platforms,
-Brushless motor with low-friction bearings, and therefore Lower power consumption,
-Practical size: 3 reaction wheels fit in 1 U for a ready-to-plug flight-set in a 1 U-package.

The Occitanie Regional Council supports COMAT’s nanosatellite equipment

Equipment for space science and exploration

Optomechanical systems, equipment for manned flights and microgravity science, equipment for stratospheric balloons, biological incubators…
comat chemcam

ChemCam Curiosity rover

COMAT has built the structure of the ChemCam instrument in use on NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover since 2011. COMAT is currently manufacturing an enhanced version, SuperCam, to be deployed on planet Mars in 2020.

comat kudik

Incubator for microgravity

COMAT has designed and built the Kubik facility for the European Space Agency. Several models have been operated since 2004 onboard the International Space Station, and are still in use today.
COMAT is currently working on a new generation of this incubator / cooler facility for biology.

Comat stratospheric balloon

Open stratospheric balloon

COMAT designs and manufactures mechanisms for this kind of balloons, such as venting mechanisms.

Electric propulsion systems

COMAT is developing an advanced electric propulsion module for nanosatellites. This propulsion module of 30W is able to give a speed increment of 200 ms-1 to a 20kg satellite.

The Occitanie Regional Council supports COMAT’s nanosatellite equipment

Manufacture, Assembly, Integration & Test

Comat Manufacturing


COMAT manufactures high-precision mechanical parts (for optical instruments, scientific instruments, mechanisms, electronic cases, etc…).

COMAT manufactures elementary parts or subsets, in large series or as single units, using a wide range of materials (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, EPM203, carbon…).

Our air-conditioned production plant includes several machine tools, namely:

– 2 x 5-axis machines,
– 4 x 3-axis machines,
– 3 x conventional milling machines,
– 2 x conventional lathes,
– 1 x digital lathe,
– 2 x 3D measuring machines for control, (accuracy within 1/100th of millimetre)…

comat facilities

Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT)

COMAT meets customer’s requirements by offering the whole chain of services (assembly, integration and test), including quality assurance, with full customer’s delegation, in customer’s premises or in our own clean rooms. Our facilities include:

– ISO Class 5 clean room (20 m²),
– ISO Class 7 clean room (100 m²),
– Integration area (with controlled temperature & hygrometry) (200 m²),
– Oven (-40°C +180°C),
– Vacuum chamber with thrust balance.

Our expertise in AIT covers:

– Integration & tests in ISO environments (management of whole projects, quality procedures, traceability…),
– Equipment assembly (torque tightening, grounding, thermal paste…),
– Harness integration (routing, support, connection…),
– Multi-Layer Insulation,
– Alignment operations (Laser tracker, theodolite…),
– Handling operations (bridge, nacelle, forklift operators; work at height…).

comat specific equipment

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

For 40 years, COMAT has been designing, engineering and manufacturing Optical and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment.

COMAT also manages large-scale co-engineering MGSE projects in international contexts, combining CAD, mechanical and thermal engineering, subcontractor management and cost reduction.

The LYRE project for Airbus is an instance of COMAT’s experience in this field.

This equipment allows the introduction and support of a satellite in a thermal vacuum chamber. High precision is necessary to introduce the satellite, with a combined movement of rotation and translation. The LYRE was assembled in a clean room, with strict procedures regarding pollution control. It is currently used by the Intespace company.

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