Specific equipment

Comat transport container

Transport container

This transport container carries chemical or biological samples. It was designed for the French Armed Forces and the first units (manufactured in 2008) are still in use by the Army. Such containers resist the most severe environmental conditions, and offer a long-lasting autonomy when powerless.

Advanced combustion system

Comat thermoreactor

This combustion chamber is designed to improve the efficiency of gas turbines;
COMAT has been working on this technology since 2010.

Manufacture, Assembly, Integration & Test

Comat Manufacturing


COMAT manufactures high-precision mechanical parts (for optical instruments, scientific instruments, mechanisms, electronic cases, etc…).

COMAT manufactures elementary parts or subsets, in large series or as single units, using a wide range of materials (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, EPM203, carbon…).

Our air-conditioned production plant includes several machine tools, namely:

– 2 x 5-axis machines,
– 4 x 3-axis machines,
– 3 x conventional milling machines,
– 2 x conventional lathes,
– 1 x digital lathe,
– 2 x 3D measuring machines for control, (accuracy within 1/100th of millimetre)…

comat facilities

Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT)

COMAT meets customer’s requirements by offering the whole chain of services (assembly, integration and test), including quality assurance, with full customer’s delegation, in customer’s premises or in our own clean rooms. Our facilities include:

– ISO Class 5 clean room (20 m²),
– ISO Class 7 clean room (100 m²),
– Integration area (with controlled temperature & hygrometry) (200 m²),
– Oven (-40°C +180°C),
– Vacuum chamber with thrust balance.

Our expertise in AIT covers:

– Integration & tests in ISO environments (management of whole projects, quality procedures, traceability…),
– Equipment assembly (torque tightening, grounding, thermal paste…),
– Harness integration (routing, support, connection…),
– Multi-Layer Insulation,
– Alignment operations (Laser tracker, theodolite…),
– Handling operations (bridge, nacelle, forklift operators; work at height…).

comat specific equipment

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

For 40 years, COMAT has been designing, engineering and manufacturing Optical and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment.

COMAT also manages large-scale co-engineering MGSE projects in international contexts, combining CAD, mechanical and thermal engineering, subcontractor management and cost reduction.

The LYRE project for Airbus is an instance of COMAT’s experience in this field.

This equipment allows the introduction and support of a satellite in a thermal vacuum chamber. High precision is necessary to introduce the satellite, with a combined movement of rotation and translation. The LYRE was assembled in a clean room, with strict procedures regarding pollution control. It is currently used by the Intespace company.

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