Press reviews

COMAT wants to become a space OEM.

Five French SMEs in orbit

COMAT invests in its production tool, is about to raise funds

AIRBUS and COMAT sign a long-term R&D partnership in the space sector

Paris Air Show: COMAT signs a 10 years' agreement with Airbus Defence and Space

Has France come around to New Space? 10 companies in Washington make the case

Experimenting in microgravity

Toulouse plays as a team to get its New Space SMEs off the ground

Toulouse displays its space products online

Newspace Factory: ever more visible

Newspace Factory established in France to support businesses in the space sectors

10 French SMEs launch a New Space "Amazon"

10 SMEs from Toulouse (France) team up to conquer New Space players

A myriad of small sats launched to conquer New Space

Interview with Benoît Moulas, COMAT's chairman

COMAT launches out into electric propulsion for smallsats

COMAT designs electric propulsion for nanosats

COMAT wins Septuor 2018 award

SuperCam Update: Multi-purpose Instrument Coming Together for 2020 Launch to Mars

Interview of Benoît Moulas, President of Agora Industries Group

COMAT at Satellite Washington

COMAT bets on the SmallSat market

COMAT embarks on electric propulsion for smallsats

COMAT: expansion and a promising electric propulsion system

COMAT tests its electric propulsion system for small sats.

Agora Industries boost Microtec and Comat, their two subsidiaries

Agora Industries invest € 6M and plan to create 50 new jobs

Agora Industries: another growth phase

Comat, a newcomer in the market of electric propulsion

Thomas Pesquet’s mission: French know-how exports to space

Proxima mission: space science live from Toulouse

CURIOSITY II: the companies propelled onto Mars

Mars in Toulouse: COMAT, the space mechanics

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